But Why Not Eggs?

egg shells broken

It’s a fair enough question, which many people ask, not having any idea of the cruelty hidden behind the egg sitting on their plate.

After all, eggs are not sentient beings, they aren’t capable of feeling pain or suffering in any way, nor do they fight for their future lives.

But there’s more to the story.

I ate eggs for years after becoming a vegetarian but when I was informed of the awful truth I knew they simply had to go.

Most people grew up eating eggs and enjoying them, as did I. None of us were aware that the story behind most eggs is a story of extreme exploitation and brutality.

Chickens raised on factory farms live in confinement similar to pigs on factory farms (each hen is allotted living space about the size of a sheet of paper), and are forced to be egg-laying factories.

When the hen’s days of producing eggs are over, the thanks she receives is not a well-earned retirement but the butcher’s knife, and often that doesn’t end her misery, for it’s documented that many birds are thrown into scalding hot water while still alive to die an agonizing death in the defeathering process.

That’s not all.

Chicks that hatch that can’t provide eggs (males) are ground alive (or gassed to death).

Yes, you read that correctly.

The baby chicks go down a conveyor belt to a “macerator” machine that grinds them up alive if they aren’t choked to death by poison gas.

I will spare you the footage here.

I often shake my head when I hear someone refer to vegans as nut cases or extreme.

If it’s crazy and extreme to care about the suffering of animals, then we are guilty as charged.

Will you please consider taking eggs off the menu?

If enough people refuse to fund this cruelty, the despicable treatment of hens and chicks will eventually end.

You have the power to choose compassion over cruelty with your food choices and to put kindness to animals above tradition or habit.

There is no better time to do just that than today.


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