Let Love Rule! Photos You Will Love to See

elephant baby hugs manLucy and Bella

These images show the true spirit of mankind when he/she is connected to the heart and lets compassion naturally flow.

Instead of brutality shown to other living, sentient creatures, who want to be loved just as we do, instead of violent assault on them and cruel confinement, instead of merciless slaughter for the sake of habit and a brief taste on the tongue, why don’t we show them the kind of stewards we can be, benevolent caretakers of those who are at our mercy, compassionate friends of the ones with which we share life on this planet.

Why don’t we let love rule, and why don’t we begin now? 🙂

cow being hugged by womangirl and lamb

calf being hugged by manKevin Richardson the lion whispererWoman with calfcalf hugged by tatooed mancalf snuggles man.jpg

turkey being huggedpandy hugs man

bear licks manllama hugged by man.jpg

dog loved by soldier.jpg fox hugged by mantiger hugged by holy mangoat hugged by girl.jpg


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  1. this is how we were meant to live with the animals. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Exactly, my friend! XXXOOO


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