Pure Love: Do You Remember?

When I think of all the ads about chicken meat I see everywhere, and constantly, I despair.

And then I remember this video of how the innocent soul of a child reacts to this chicken, and how she runs into his arms without fear in a beautiful and touching moment of pure love.

This boy’s love and connection was once how most of us reacted around every animal we encountered.

But most adults don’t give a second thought to the chicken meat on their plate, and don’t wonder who the animal was, how it lived (most likely in horrible factory-farmed conditions) or how it died (most likely in a horrific manner), because most humans have lost touch with the child within who does care.

How many young children love their animal toys? Don’t most children when very young instinctively want to hold and cuddle their stuffed animals and giggle with delight when they meet a real animal?

This shows me that the innate human spirit is one of love and connection, and the way we treat animals for food is the exact opposite of that spirit.

One of the reasons I was inspired to write this blog today was because I received my renewal notice for the animal rescue organization, Farm Sanctuary, in the mail and was reminded that nearly one million chickens are boiled alive each year when they are dropped into de-feathering tanks where they drown in scalding hot water.

Yes, this is the truth, it’s documented, it’s allowed at slaughter plants; the birds have no protection under the “Humane Slaughter Act”, because poultry are exempt.

Which side are you on? Do you relate to this beautiful little boy, the true spirit within you?

Or is it easier to not think about it and pretend you’re not part of the cruelty when you order chicken?

Please think about it, for the sake of compassion, and for the sake of your true spirit within.


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