Why Airline Seats Made Me Think of Pigs

airplane seats.jpg

First, let me say I just booked a flight on Spirit Airlines.

Yes, I hear the collective groans. 😀

Spirit is a very low cost way to travel, and the only option right now when flying out of Atlantic City International airport en route to Florida.

The airline’s seat pitch–the distance from one point on the seat to the same point on the seat in front or behind it (basically, leg room)–is the smallest of all airplanes at 28 inches (most carriers at least give no less than 30 and generally between 31 and 32).

Needless to say, if you’re tall and have long legs, it’s very cramped, and the seats don’t recline (which turns out to be good for passengers behind who would immediately find the reclined human ahead of them in their lap).

Doing research on the only other option for seating on Spirit (something called Big Front Seats–thank you for them, dear God), I started to think about the fact that my flight will only be less than 2 1/2 hours and even that seems daunting to face with so little legroom.

Now, imagine, if you will, spending your entire life in an airplane seat.

No room to stretch, to turn around, and with nothing to occupy your mind except food and drink.

Yes, that last line describes Spirit (!) and it also best describes the crates that pigs are living in right now as I type this, tens of thousands of highly intelligent, social animals, crammed into tiny “living” spaces on factory farms, existing in filth and despair, all because man seems to have a bizarre love affair with pork products, particularly bacon.

Most people would be appalled if they gave it thought, and some people are doing just that, but most seem to prefer to not think about it at all, because if they do they know it’s simply unacceptable to treat any sentient being that way.

pigs in crates

Pigs need not just to move around in the outside world but also need stimulation for their extremely intelligent brains (smarter than dogs and cats and close to as intelligent as dolphins and whales).

Some of these animals go insane, chewing on the bars out of sheer frustration.

What does it take for humans to think about these animals and refuse to fund their torture and eventual violent deaths?

When will the bacon love affair give way to compassion for these friendly and affectionate animals?

Imagine if we treated dogs or cats this way and then sent them to a violent end to celebrate their flesh at mealtime, with no regard for how the animals suffered.

No one would tolerate it.

Bill Maher wrote in the New York Times Op Ed section in October of 2014:

I have been involved in the animal rights cause for decades, and nothing makes me angrier than cramming animals into environments where they can’t move.

Read the full article at nytimes.com.

Please think of these animals and tell others about the perfectly legal way we torture other creatures merely for the taste of their flesh.

Then please refuse to support this brutality with your dollars.

After all, if there’s no demand for the “product”, there will soon be the death of one of the cruelest industries on the planet.

It can’t some soon enough.




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