If Food/Cooking Shows Got Real

dogs in crates dog meat trade

I find it endlessly frustrating to see so many food/cooking shows on TV, like “Bizarre Foods” that seem to skirt around the dog and cat meat business and yet present themselves as going to the “edge”.


As far as I’m aware, they wouldn’t touch that topic with the proverbial ten foot pole.

If they were to truly present reality in animal foods, then we’d see cats and dogs being mercilessly caused suffering and death, and maybe the light bulb would actually go off and people (at least here in the West) would begin to make the connection between meat and the cruelty that is inflicted on all innocent animals to obtain it.

How is a pig, a chicken, or a cow’s suffering and violent death any different from an animal we’ve deemed a “pet” being put through a process like that?

Of course, if cooking/food shows did in fact “go there”, they would immediately face an outcry and be cancelled.

We only accept that which has been deemed “acceptable” to our particular culture.

One day soon, hopefully, we will collectively find it unacceptable to inflict suffering and death that is unnecessary upon any animal, pet or otherwise.

The good news is that people are in fact awakening to that idea, and for that I’m very grateful and hopeful.




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