Piggy politely Requests Salad; Let’s Politely Refuse to Put Him on the Menu

This video has made the rounds and has been viewed tens of thousands of times by people charmed and tickled by this piglet with exquisite manners (and adorableness off the charts).

Which of course makes me think: when will we make the connection that millions just like this lovely creature are routinely mistreated and violently slaughtered for their flesh, food not required for humans and not even healthy for us.

They are no different from our pet dogs or cats (well, except they are even smarter).

And pigs are commonly slaughtered at between 24 and 29 weeks old, making them mere piglets, as adorable and lovely as this creature, killed simply to satisfy man’s habit of eating their dead bodies.

Very few people are even willing to watch the process, as bloody and merciless as it is.

Let me quote a pig slaughterhouse worker (quote taken from the Doris Day Animal League in 2012):

“There are so many pigs on the kill floor, in the “stick” pit. Some trot up and nuzzle me, like a baby animal. I want to scratch their ears, to take a moment! But I don’t care…I can’t care. I’m going to have to kill them.”

Can you imagine if this happened routinely to puppies or kittens?

Of course, here in the West, that’s unheard of and anyone would think you were absolutely heartless to even suggest it, never mind pay for someone else to kill and chop up a young dog or cat for the table.

What makes our habit of eating these animals any different?

Not a thing.




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  1. I love this video.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I never tire of it…so funny and sweet. 🙂


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