Mr. G. and Jellybean: a True Story of Animal Friendship

So often when people think of animals in general, especially the ones we call “dinner”, they overlook or dismiss a sentient being’s ability to feel emotions, form bonds, experience sadness, joy, grief, and yes, even love.

Of course, when people think of their pets, they can’t help but notice that the creatures they are close to and know so well do indeed feel deeply, and my hope is that humans begin to realize that the animals treated so horrendously for food and fashion are no different from our cats and dogs.

The video above captures the true connection felt by a goat for his lifetime friend, a burro.

There is no doubt that the goat, Mr. G., was pining for his companion, and depressed at their separation, and would surely have become so ill for refusing food that he was in danger of dying of grief.

One of my favorite movies comes to mind when I see Mr. G.’s pain at being separated from his friend.

In the Shawshank Redemption, close buddies are separated for a time, and the pain of that parting is keenly felt:

Mr. G. just missed his friend, too.

And just like humans, the cow who died for our hamburger, the chicken who died for a nugget, the calf slaughtered for a veal chop, all had emotions, all felt joy and sorrow, all had a life they had a right to live with dignity and respect, free from mankind’s cruelty and exploitation.

Thankfully at least for Mr. G. the goat, and his friend, Jellybean the burro, the humans who rescued them did give them dignity and respect and above all, understanding and compassion.

May one day all animals be treated likewise.

Please consider going vegan, and you can help create that world. 🙂


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