Humans Have a Natural Aversion to Gory Scenes

Joe Kenda

Most humans have an innate reaction to a bloody scene, whether it involves humans or animals, and the response is usually horror.

Now, I realize there are many horror movie fans, but of course we know these films aren’t real, so we can scare ourselves half to death watching them but we know it’s all fake blood and body parts.

I myself am a big fan of TV shows that involve crime solving–not the fictitious ones, but the true re-enactments.

One of my favorites is “Lt. Joe Kenda: Homicide Hunter”, based on the real-life murders the detective has solved, with Kenda himself hosting the show.

O.K. I admit the young actor playing the real Joe Kenda is easy on the eyes. 😀

I very much enjoy seeing how crimes are solved and how carefully gathered evidence is painstakingly combed through and pieced together.

I recently watched a particularly disturbing story on Homicide Hunter about a young woman who was brutally murdered by her ex-husband, who had severe mental problems and had gone off his meds.

Her body had been so horrendously mangled that even the seasoned cops on the scene had to look away and put a sheet over the corpse, with one police officer standing outside the home where she was killed and vomiting at the visual he had seen.

How many people also get sick to their stomachs at a particularly bloody scene of an animal killed on the road?

How is that we create these scenes every day in slaughterhouses and then casually eat the remains of the mangled corpses?

If this sounds extreme, it’s only because rarely do most people allow that truth to become conscious, because it’s too disturbing.

True carnivores salivate over a bloody body, but rare is the human who gets hungry at the sight of an animal corpse, and this should tell us something about humans.

I believe that (most) people are not only decent at heart but do not want to cause pain or suffering to any living being and our innate reaction to scenes of death reveal that we don’t naturally feel comfortable or at peace with the destruction of life, in any form.

Animals may be different from us because they aren’t as intelligent and don’t have a moral code, but they bleed like us, they feel pain and fear as we do, and they have bodies that aren’t  very different from our own.

I believe it’s only because the truth is so well hidden that so many people can continue to eat the remains of animals who ended up in a true horror story.





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