The Internet Gives us Glass Walls

Paul McCartney quoteSir Paul made that statement many years ago, before the internet allowed all of us to see what’s behind closed doors in the animal products industries.

Now, with so many shocking and heartbreaking videos just a click away, there are no more solid walls to hide behind for animal agriculture and other industries that rely on animal exploitation.

From the films, Earthlings, Blackfish, Cowspiracy, The Ghosts in Our Machine, and many others to thousands of YouTube videos, the absolutely horrifying display of what animals endure at the hands of man simply for a glass of milk or a piece of meat is out there for all to see.

And the more who have the courage to see what they’re contributing to by supporting these industries, the more turn to veganism.

In fact, Earthlings has been known to create “instant vegans” because most humans, once they take the societal blinders off, do not want to contribute to animal cruelty and death.

Of course, I can’t force anyone to watch these films and videos, but I can hope and pray that they do, for their sakes as well as the animals, because humans should know the truth in order to choose to live their lives in line with their ethical and compassionate beliefs.

Most people are good at heart–they would intervene if they saw animal cruelty in front of their eyes.

I’m asking anyone who has yet to see the hard truth to watch at least one of these films and see why there is such a powerful and compelling movement underway to free so many innocent animals from lives of torture and eventual brutal and violent deaths.

We have glass walls now, and don’t we owe it to millions of animals– who have done us no harm and suffer in silence–to look through them?






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