One Woman’s Amazing Work Every Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving season I brace myself for the inevitable pangs of sorrow I feel for the turkeys who are destined for the holiday table.

The mass slaughter in the name of tradition and thankfulness seems so odd to me, a strange way to celebrate an otherwise really beautiful holiday (the usual embarrassment of family, including the probable antics of a drunk relative notwithstanding). 😀

Then I’m reminded of a small dent in the senseless killing of these birds–a rescue of such tenderness and love that the videos every year bring tears to my eyes.

Karen Dawn is my hero (and most importantly, a heroine to a few lucky turkeys each year), and I hope to grow more and more into the kind of loving and gentle spirit this wonderful person clearly embodies.

See for yourself. 🙂



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  1. What a wonderful story. Loved seeing how tenderly the turkeys are being treated, and how much they enjoyed affection from humans! Also thanks for exposing some of the cruelty people don’t know about for those still imprisoned on factory farms, and almost all farms. People also don’t realize that 99% of all farmed animals and fowl live on factory farms, the only way to raise enough animals to meet consumer demands. Living vegan is the ONLY way to end these atrocities, and the only way to treat others humanely.

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  2. Thank you so much, Nancy. I wholeheartedly agree, of course. Veganism really is the only way to end the mistreatment of animals and treat others as we ourselves would want to be treated. I don’t understand why humans cannot seem to grasp this idea, for it’s surely not outrageous to ask that we be kind to animals, as most of us were advised to do when we were growing up. It gives me hope that there are people like you in the world and more every day. 🙂


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