Jon & Tracey Stewart’s Plans for a Farm Sanctuary

There have been many times in my life over the decades that I’ve despaired of ever seeing a true change in attitudes towards animals.

The closest of friends and family have rarely been influenced by my views to change their consumption of meat and dairy (the two who were, my best friend Linda and my sister, are both now gone from this world).

My voice is not very far-reaching and chances are it never will be.

But someone else’s is (cue sweeping, dramatic musical score). 😀

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey announced earlier this year that they were opening a 4th location for Farm Sanctuary, an organization that rescues abused farm animals and educates people about their (mis)treatment in today’s factory farms and slaughterhouses.

I felt like my prayers to the God of mercy I worship were answered at last.

Now we have a voice that can and will have enormous influence to educate others on the sad plight of farm animals.

I’ve been a supporter of Farm Sanctuary for many years and one of the most powerful and happiest experiences of my life was attending a Farm Sanctuary Gala in 2004 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

Mary Tyler Moore was the Gala Chair and guests included the B52’s (who of course performed “Roam”), Ally Sheedy, Emma Caulfield, Hallie Kate Eisenberg, Jill Larson, Chrissie Hynde, and many others.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the ballroom when Chrissie performed “I’ll Stand by You” next to a slide show of suffering farm animals.

For the first time in my life I was surrounded by people who cared as much as I did about the animals that most only call dinner.

Here were others who actually thought about them and wanted to help end their suffering, a room full of like-minded people! I was on a high like no other.

I do not mean this to sound like I consider myself or everyone at that event to be superior to others, it was simply a powerful rush of knowing I wasn’t alone in my concern, which made it a true major life moment for me, and filled me with hope for change.

It was in fact at a Farm Sanctuary Gala in NYC this past October that Jon and Tracey, who were being honored, announced their plans for the new location (check out the video above).

All these years later there will be a Farm Sanctuary location right here in New Jersey (the other three are in New York and California)!

It’s beyond my wildest dreams that this has happened, since this new location is only less than two hours from my home.

Did someone say road trip? 🙂




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