Going Vegan: Easier than Ever

Back in the day when Mammoth burgers were all the rage and I decided to ditch meat, not only was I greeted with reactions that suggested I had recently been abducted by aliens or clearly gone mad, there were no role models around me to guide me into this new venture, Boca burgers didn’t exist, and the word “vegan” hadn’t even been invented (to my knowledge).

It was clearly a hostile and desolate time.

But oh how things can change!

Everywhere you look you’ll find vegan foods, from health food stores to mainstream supermarkets to just about every restaurant you know.

If you’re like me and you can’t cook worth a damn, have no fear. Others, thankfully, will happily do the cooking for you (Amy’s frozen meals come to mind…yum).

If you do like to cook, the new recipes are endless (or so I’ve been told).

And cooks love to experiment (or so I’ve been told).

Cooks also like to delight others and receive high praise, so don’t hesitate to ask your favorite cook to whip up a new dish for you (or so I’ve done). 😀

Back all those years ago I didn’t know how cruel the dairy industry was, so I went vegetarian, not realizing I was still contributing to unnecessary cruelty, but now the word is out and to avoid supporting untold misery to innocent animals, going vegan is the best decision to make.

I’ve provided lots of info to get you started in the links section of this website and wish you all the best in your new adventure!


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